Refund Policy

1. Overview of Refund Eligibility We commit to your satisfaction. If our FIP treatment product doesn’t yield the expected results and the vials remain unopened and unused, we support you with a full purchase refund, underlining our dedication to fairness and transparency.

2. Processing Fee and Return Shipping A processing fee of $25 or €20 applies to cover labor, materials, and shipping costs of your order. Note that payment processing fees are non-refundable, and return shipping costs are your responsibility.

3. Return Time Frame and Refund Processing Products must be returned within 30 days of the order date. After we receive and confirm the returned vials are in resalable condition, your refund will be processed through the original payment method within 48 hours.

4. Contact for Refund Inquiries For any questions regarding our refund policy, please use the green chat box or leave a message on our website.

Relapse Policy

1. General Policy and Molnupiravir Capsules Offer A relapse occurs in approximately 3% of treated cats. For those concerned about this risk, we offer molnupiravir capsules at $150 (including shipping) for relapse treatment.

2. Full Treatment Completion – Discount Offer For cats that completed the full 84-day treatment with our products, a 50% discount on relapse treatment for up to an additional 84 days is available. This applies to relapses within 12 months of the initial treatment. Required documentation includes treatment dates and the final blood test report.

3. Early Treatment Exit – Exclusive Product Use For cats that recovered from FIP in less than 84 days using only Treatfip.net products, a 50% discount on relapse treatment for up to 84 additional days is offered. This is valid for relapses within 6 months post-treatment. A completion blood report and confirmation of no invasive procedures within 84 days post-treatment are needed.

4. Early Treatment Exit – Incomplete Blood Test If treatment was exited before 84 days without a complete blood test, contact our experts to discuss potential treatment options. We do not offer a discount in these cases.

5. Mixing Products from Different Brands We advise against mixing different brands due to variable concentrations and protocols. If relapse occurs under such circumstances, contact us for tailored treatment advice. No discount is offered for this category.